The BUEIFF Web Series is an extension of the prestigious Buenos Aires International Film Festival | Official IMDb Qualifying Competiton.

Covid 19 has caused our live events schedule to change. For more information click here.

We believe that cinema is a magic tool that speaks a universal language, which allows the ability to unite people from all over the world in an instant. More than 120 countries participating in the BUEIFF competitions!


Your ultimate web series festival

Explore our professional, web series festival content.

Our goal is to encourage independent and professional filmmakers of all nationalities to share their passion worldwide through our Festival.

All Selected and winner projects have the possibility to published on the website. So you can show your work to the world through the website of an International Festival.

The first episode of the winners of the Web and TV Series will be screened with a live audience in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

At the BUEIFF Web Series, there will be 9 Winners per edition, who will receive Official BUEIFF Certificates, with their respective laurels

The festival is a quarterly season and accepts projects from all over the world, less than 45 minutes (Web Series) and 90 minutes (TV Series) – Competition.

All selected projects can be published on the website if you wish. And stay there for, at least, a whole month!

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